Carter County Museum

Ekalaka, Montana

Big Sky


     On the heels of the cattle drives came the influx of settlers.

     Once the territory was opened for settlement many of the cowboys who had accompanied the trail herds from Texas found themselves among those deciding to make this area of Montana their home.

     Others came for the land and the opportunities it afforded them.  Still others came from across the sea for religious or political freedoms.  Because of the varied ethnic backgrounds of those who settled this area of the Montana Territory the Museum has a unique collection of clothing, pioneer tools, household goods, and musical instruments all reflecting the talents and heritages of those brave and proud people.  Many of their descendants continue to make up the population of Carter County today.

     These items are viewable in the Homesteader area and throughout the Museum.

To Contact Them:

Phone: (406)775-6886
306 N. Main Street
P.O. Box 445
Ekalaka, Montana 59324