Carter County Museum

Ekalaka, quaint and sheltered
On the shining mountain shrine,
Where the foot-prints of the Redman
Lingers on the sands of time;
There the freedom will embrace you
As you breathe it in the air,
With its health and recreation
You will lay away your care.

Ekalaka, ancient cow-town
On that dusty Texas trail,
Where the prairie schooners landed
On their long, old western sail;
Where they kept that old tradition
That through the years was handed down,
If each one will live and let live
Builds a city from a town.

Ekalaka, from your fame or of your grandeur
Coming years will never rob,
Guarding at your northeast portals
Stands that grim old Lover's Knob;
While the sun shines in the heavens
And the blue sky wears her stars,
Where the Russell Creek is flowing
Ekalaka, you are ours.

Edgar L. Sweet
Montana's Badlands Poet, 1930
"Meditations of a Maverick"

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